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Acoustic panels that drown out the noise and style the room. 5th Octave, LLC | Sound Absorbtion

You need noise absorption in your studio, your music college, your home. But you don’t want the place to look like a mental institution. Even if it is one. You were thinking more along the lines of Elle Decor.

The problem: A beautiful painting won’t drown out the sound of pianos, trumpets, clapping, voices, or your son’s video games in the basement.

Or will it?

Enter Fifth Octave Acoustic Panels.
Designed by a design-minded audio expert and piano player who couldn’t find truly great panels that looked nice, they work phenomenally to absorb sound. And, they fit your fine taste. Or bizarre taste, if that’s how you lean. They’re designed just for you:
  • Customizable frame color and fabric: You want a chartreuse frame with a magenta-print fabric? Done. You want a black frame with a repeat blown-up print of your dog, Andy-Warhol style? You got it. Choose from one of our combos or dream up your own.
  • Exceptionally sturdy construction: Our exclusive steel frame means these can go in an institution where a half-ton grand piano on a dolly can get smashed into them, and they hold up. Won’t lose shape or fall on a litigious viola student’s head.
  • Available in 2-inch thickness or 4-inch thickness. Our dimensions are always ADA compliant, something other panel sellers won’t think about for you. (Psst: Prevents a lawsuit.)
  • Hear a pin drop. Or the ants come marching in. Or, scream all you want without the neighbors hearing a sound. Point is, our acoustic panels are better than the others out there. The reason why is long and technical, but it has to do with fabric wrapped all the way around instead of the usual plywood in the back. If there’s plywood in the back, don’t buy ‘em.
  • Made in USA.
  • A phone number you can call: (920) 212-4444.
Want to see all our styles and how they look in the room?
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5th Octave, LLC | Sound Absorbtion 5th Octave, LLC | Sound Absorbtion

5th Octave, LLC | Sound Absorbtion

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